Facilities Management


Talon has been engaged in the business of providing life support services and localized facilities for the Mission-Critical Services of the US Military and related combat units all around the world.

For over a decade, we have provided various localized services to the US Defence-DOD and other prime contractors. We are prospective vendors to many of the US Defence supporting companies stationed on and outside US soil and have proven our diligence and cost efficiency over the past years.

Since its creation, Talon has established itself as a successful Contractor/Sub Contractor with the US Army and its prime vendors providing sponsorship services, manpower support, Civil, Mechanical, Generator Maintenance, HVAC Maintenance jobs, leasing of Equipment and Vehicles.

Management services

  • An exceptional long-term history of safety and security
  • Transportation to and from your location(s)
  • Correct marking, packaging and protection of materiel
  • Secure handling, movement, transportation, and storage of assigned materiel
  • Safe, secure storage of stockpiles including surplus, degraded, and obsolete materiel through final disposition
  • Accurate accountability and reporting of all materiel
  • Safety and Environmental Compliance
  • Fire and Emergency Services